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5 Unique Ways to Wear you Statement Necklace.

Everyone either owns a statment necklace or wants to own a statement necklace but doesn't quite know what to do with it. Believe it or not you can go from totally casual to quite formal with the same necklace. Wear it all day- casual, desk to dinner, or even formal evening and here's how:

Look #1 - Casual Day - Throw it on with your white wife beater tank top and denim jacket. Gives some jazz and edge to very simple casual look so people will always take a double take!

Look #2 - Desk to Dinner - Take your gorgeous , boat neck silk blouse and liven it up with your statement necklace and pencil skirt. This look will certainly carry you from your desk to dinner and even drinks afterwords just like that!

Look #3: Formal/evening - GREAT way to take your strapless gown to the next level. Nothing else to say, this look speaks for itself.

Look #4: Office Casual - Aren't you sooooooo bored of your boring white button down shirt? I'm so bored I could cry. Wipe off you tears and wake up that boring blouse with your necklace, You'll smile all day I promise. :)))

Look #5: Day or Night - everyone has a printed blouse at home right? Maybe one that is a little loud that scares you sometimes cause the print is so loud and you dont want just one print running across your whole body. Break the look up with a statement necklace. Take a bit of attention way from your bold print, so people don't know where to look. Try it!


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