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Closet Reorganization & Clean-up

Organize your life and start with your closet!  This service is one of my client-favorites. 

The focus is to organize, sort and clean-out what was once a resemblance of your closet. The process does not require the client to be present.  Come back to a brand new (organized) closet! 

In addition I edit and organize your wardrobe. I make suggestions on pieces that are out dated, or do not suit your body type. I do this with clothing, shoes and accessories, including jewelry. Piles will be made for donation, tailoring and  to try-on.

A shopping list is created during this process so my client can buy what they need and use what they have.  Additionally, knowing what's in your closet will allow you to wear it more often. 

​Price: $600 (up to 6 hours)


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                                                   To BOOK your Closet Reorgnization Today!


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