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What is color analysis?

Color analysis is the process of determining the colors that best fit a person's natural coloring. ​When the correct colors are chosen they will harmonize so that you will look radiant, healthy, younger and of course fabulous!

It consists of draping and analyzing fabrics near your face until we find the category or season of colors that look best on you.

​Are you an autumn, summer, winter or spring?  Once you know this shopping becomes so much easier and you can walk into any clothing store without feeling completely overwhelmed since you know exactly what you can exclude.

Why color analysis?

To look and feel your best! A first impression is formed within 35 seconds of meeting someone, whether socially, or professionally.  Wearing your best colors will:

  • make you look healthier, younger, and more radiant. The wrong colors make you look tired, washed out, sick.

  • minimize any facial blemishes, discolorations, wrinkles, scars.

  • draw attention to your eyes

  • make your smile white and brighter

  • accentuate your best features 

​Price : $150  (includes a color card of your correct color "season')

30 Minute Session

      C A L L  5 1 6 - 6 9 5 - 6 2 0 8

To BOOK your Color Analysis Today!

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