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Must Have Summer Accessories

Summer accessories are so fun, but they can also be so overwhelming. So many options to choose from and summer is just too short to wear everything. Here is my summer accessory essential list that will spice up any outfit.

1) Colorful scarf - in your right colors. If you don't know what your correct colors are consider getting a color analysis done. For cool nights, cold air conditioning, or to just make any outfit look ultra sophisticated a scarf is a closet essential. They can also double as a cover-up at the beach or pool.

2) Sunglasses - that fit your face shape and are in porportion to your size face. The worst for me is when people are wearing sunglasses that don't fit their face right. So make sure they work for you, don't just buy them cause you think they are cool. One key tip is to de-emphasize your face shape is to buy a shape that is the exact opposite of your face shape. eg. round face buy rectangle shaped lenses.

3) Big Colorful Dangly Earrings - weather they are torquoise, pink , purple or whatever. Wear them with all white and all of sudden you feel like you're in the tropics when hailing a cab. Key thing to remember they should never be longer then half your neck, or else they just become to overwhelming and overpower your face.

4) Jeweled flat sandals- i love them, can't get enough, blings out any outfit. The BEST!

5) Summer hat - you can buy these on any street corner in the city for $10, it doesn't have to cost a lot. But you wear a cool summer hat and all of a sudden people say, who's that person in the hat? Best way to get noticed, unless you plan on walking around stark naked.

6) Denim Jacket - There are so many shades of denim you can choose from out there. As well as many different sillouettes to choose from. But its just one of those things you really need. Cold AC, cool nights, walk on the beach, and little summer dresses that we're shy to wear around our co-workers or family are all good reasons to own a denim jacket....and lets not forget wardrobe malfunctions!

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