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Wardrobe Tips for my Pear Shaped ladies.

Are your hips wider then your shoulders? Does your fat tend to accumulate around your hips and butt? Do you have a well-defined waist? Is your bust small relative to your hips? If you answered YES to MOST of these questions you are probably pear (triangle) shaped. Here is a board of clothing sillouettes that would work for you and your sweet little pear shaped body.

P.S. Most women fall into the pear shaped category. The key is to create balance between the top and bottom half of your body so you never appear bottom heavy or top light :)


Here are the major tips:

Layering is KEY , layer with jackets and weaters as much as possible.

Draw attention to the smallest part of your body (your waist) with cropped jackets and belts Horizantal stripes on top

Tops with details and embellishments at the shoulders

Tops with exaggerated sleeves like doleman sleeves, wing shaped sleeves.

Flowy, full skirts

Wide leg or straight leg pants to create a straight line from the hip to the bottom of your legs.

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