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Dressing for a Petite Woman

Here is my client Tina. Tina is a petite woman , just 5 ft 2 in. When picking out this ensemble for Tina here are the reasons why it worked and what all petite woman (under 5ft 4in) should keep in mind when shopping:

1) Vertical Lines Lengthen - there is a long vertical line across her torso and another 2 at her sides. Verticial lines create the illusion of length because the eye is moving up and down and there is a continious motion.

2) Dark side panels - Tina is also pear shaped, The dark panels at the hips have a dual purpose because they camoulflage her hips and make her look leaner as well lengthen her.

3) Pointy heel shoes- Petite ladies should try to wear shoes that have a pointy toe to further enlongate the leg. With Tina we also stayed away from anything strappy at her ankles.

Again helping to lengthen her leg and creating one long line.

4)High-waisted belt- the belt high at her waist line creates the illusion of a longer leg. The longer the leg looks the taller you will appear. The belt also draws attention to the smallest part of her body. Her waist.

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