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10 quick tips for a more beautiful you – in seconds!

Most people do not have the money, time or fearlessness to go under the knife or get costly work done. I’ve come up with 10 quick tips to be a more beautiful you in seconds.

  1. Brighten up your eyes. Just a few quick droplets of eye drops will brighten and beautify your eyes. Throw in a few drops right before a date, before you get your pictures taken or pretty much anytime. It’s small enough to keep inside your bag at all times.

  2. Whiter teeth. Rub some Vaseline on your teeth right before you get your picture taken, or anytime. Teeth will show up whiter, brighter and shinier.

  3. Never leave home without your Spanx. Wear them under everything, even skinny girls need them. It creates a flattering and form-fitting shape and can be worn under anything.

  4. Gray coverage. Nobody can keep up with gray hair sprouting up constantly. A quick tip right before you leave your house is mascara on the gray hairs that are most obvious. It lasts pretty much all day.

  5. Know what colors look good on you. Get your color consultation done by an image consultant. Wearing your right colors will make a vast change in your appearance. You will automatically look younger and brighter when you wear the colors that are right for you.

  6. Always try and lengthen your silhouette. Tall or short, nobody wants to look short or frumpy. Dress is monochromatic colors as much as possible. They will lengthen you and make you look thinner.

  7. Get a pull up bar at home. Pull-ups do wonders for almost every part of your body and take seconds to do. Try to do just a few a day and notice how quickly you see the results.

  8. Good Posture . If you sit at a desk all day sit high up on your tailbone and keep your abdominal muscles engaged. Getting into the habit of doing this daily will help improve your posture.

  9. At home micro derma abrasions. There are many micro derma abrasion kits you can do at home that are quick and inexpensive. They not only remove dead skin cells but they automatically help brighten your skin and smooth out fine lines.

  10. Enhance your bust- wear those stick-on bras that push the boobs together (a.k.a – chicken cutlets) then wear a regular bra on top of that. Works much better then any padded- pushup bra I’ve seen on the market. Especially if you are super small bust.

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