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5 Good Reasons to buy a Custom Suit

These days you really don't need to buy a suit off the rack anymore. Every man can use a nice new suit. And with all the benefits below....there's just no reason not to!

1) Every body is built differently. Short arms, long neck, in between size, sports body - all good reasons to get a fully custom suit that do not need alternations. We all know alternations never come out perfectly, no matter how good your tailor is.

2) Buy a custom suit for only $500. The days' of bespoke suits for $2,000 and up are over! Now you can build your own custom fit suit built to your specific measurements for 500 bucks. Using the finest fabrics and measured by one of the most experienced suit fitters in NYC.

3) Why do it with me you ask? Because I work with you to pick out the fabrics, the buttons, the pockets and the overall styling of the suit. All fabrics and colors connate a certain image. I will build a suit with you that best represents who you are and what you do. Business professional, stylish & hip, leadership role, wedding day, entertainment industry? I can build you a suit that caters specifically to you the image you are looking to convey.

4) So many options! Need a tuxedo or suits for your groomsmen? We can do that too. Sports jackets, slacks, custom shirts, casual button downs- the options are endless.

5) Keep your measurements on file and come back and order new suits simple, fast and ready in just 2 weeks!! Can't beat that.

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