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Evening Gown for the Plus Size Woman

If you're a Plus Size woman and have the daunting task of picking out an evening gown- not to worry! I've listed out a few key bullets to remember when selected your dress. This picture is of my plus size client Gabrielle. I found Gabrielle a dress that had lines that really worked well for her body shape (inverted triangle).

Draw attention to the smallest part of your body. For Gabrielle that is her waist, notice that there is a defined line drawn directly above her waist, this is where our eyes are drawn to.

Use lines and patterns to fill in the smaller part of our body. Gabrielle is an inverted triangle, she has broader shoulders and smaller hips. The diagonal lines at the hips start inwards and move outwards drawing our eye outwards. Her hips appear fuller and creates balance between the top and bottom half of her body.

Use vertical lines to lengthen and camouflage. Notice the long vertical line at the bust. Gabrielle has a big bust. The vertical line camouflages her big bust and draws your eye up towards her face rather then at her bust. The line also lengthens and slims out her upper body.

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